This Forlorn Odyssey

by Doomsayer

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"This Forlorn Odyssey" is a concept album based around WW1, with some otherworldly bends in reality. This is a work of fiction and contains no likeness to any real event or persons.

On April 6th, 1917 the United States declared war on Germany in what was supposed to be the "War to End All Wars". Here's to 2117!


released April 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Doomsayer Canton, Ohio

One man metal from NE Ohio, Anything from power to grind.

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Track Name: Into the Grinder
Over the trench
into the gas
bodies lie exposed
rotting and bloated

Into the grinder

Miles of wasteland
twisted hunks of metal
dead eye stares pierce the night
a bullet to the head ends your fight
Track Name: No One But the Dead
Welcome to the frontlines
your bed is made from corpses
you sleep with the rats
the stench of death suffocates

Drowned in the mud
a bullet to the head
keep your wits about you
or you’ll wind up dead
a bullet to the head
another soldier dead

Into the bog
filled with bodies and blood
down into hell
if you make a wrong step
shelled from above
grinded from afar
you’re a statistic in the news
a casualty of war

Gaze upon the field
filled with our remains
overran in minutes
there’s no one but the dead
Track Name: For the Cattle
Arrisen from the mud
washed in the blood
trapped on this field of battle
flesh and bones food for the cattle

Time to rejoin the fight
time is neither day or night
in this hell you cannot end
doomed to die and die again
Track Name: The Miasmic Wastes
Heavier than air creeping with the wind
the fetid gas rolls into the trench
too slow to wake gas clenches your throat
a few spasms followed by a silent shriek

A stench without equal
filling your lungs with haste
an airborn scourge is bred
in the miasmic wastes

The hulking nightmare rushes forth
terrifying monsters who fear not death
crushed beneath the tide of war
a flood of bodies ruptures free
Track Name: Born of War
I’ll rot in this wretched trench

My hatred for humanity grows unchecked
the sleepless nights and gore filled days
have withered my spirit into nothing
war has worn away my soul
I hold no hope for mankind

I am born of war
the embodiement of misanthropy
a vessel for the hatred of man
let death flow from my hands

I have awakened from the deep
Track Name: The Curse of Man
Within seconds all my friends are dead
men I have known since childhood
I am all alone in this earthen crater
a contorted corpse screaming in silence

I hear the whistle of a falling shell
I have no time to react
I enjoy my last moment on earth
I’ll think back to my home

What black magic exists
that allows me to breath
I remain in my body
given a chance to reap

Am I immune to the curse of man
to walk with death and not feel his touch
I have awakened to my imortality
I will show no mercy to my enemies
Track Name: Among the Dead
I haunt these barren trenches
where men once told tales of home
nothing remains but bones and mud
shattered dreams and hope forgone
on this silent field I found myself
among the din and horror of war

I am immortal
I am eternal
I will turn the tide of war
I will fight against the horde
Until the last shot is fired
I will be here among the dead

One man cannot change the future
but I’m not a man
I will strangle the life from enemies
I am death incarnate
I will bring doom and ruin
forced to walk this earth undead
I am the doomsayer

Hear my wretched call
before me all will fall
Track Name: Cult of the Doomsayer
I grant thee immunity
from the kiss and fear of death
stand by myside and watch your enemies die
I will guide you through this war
untouched ungrazed by lead
fearless in battle we will rewrite history

Only I know the truth
of what the future holds
we will be viewed as demons
but the cities must fall
join me in the fight
I will show you the truth
our future is in danger
the savior must be stopped

We will form this cult
for the ones that choose to die
pull the strings to reveal the truth
for the ones that chose to lie

The future will never know
another horror that we were forced to live
this is our solemn vow with our breath we will give
I grant thee immuntiy from the kiss and fear of death